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Welcome to The Mozilla Help Site - Mozilla support  (unofficial)

The aim of this site is to help end users (i.e. you) get the most out of Mozilla products (Mozilla / Seamonkey Suite, Firefox, Thunderbird, Netscape 7). This site offers general support & help for Mozilla products through FAQs, How-Tos and Tutorials with screenshots of the actual menus that show every step of installing and configuring Mozilla.
If you have already installed Mozilla, Firefox or Thunderbird but are wondering how certain things work/can be changed or if you are having problems, the Using Mozilla FAQ is where you want to look. It includes a troubleshooting guide, as well.

Announcements and site update info can be found on Gunnars.net main page.
Security news/alerts for Mozilla can be found at the bottom of this page.
If you are still deciding which Mozilla flavor (Mozilla /Seamonkey Suite or Firefox) to install, you can find a feature comparison between them here.
I strongly recommend you get MozBackup to make regular Backup copies of your profile, which contains your bookmarks, address books, email, settings,.... If something goes wrong, the program allows you to easily restore your profile, helping you avoid data loss. MozBackup supports the Mozilla Suite, Firefox, Thunderbird and Netscape 7.x

The information contained on these pages was both compiled from various sources, as well as from my own experience. I have tried to link to the original sources whenever possible.

If you are looking for additional Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird help, you can find Mozilla Thunderbird support here
and Mozilla Firefox support here. Alternatively, you can search The Mozilla Help Site.

Important: To my best knowledge, the information on this site is accurate. However, I will not be held responsible for any data loss or any other problems that occur as a result of this site - you are using this information at your own risk. This said, enjoy !

help for: mozillaMozilla / Seamonkey Suite    FirefoxFirefox    Thunderbird Thunderbird    Netscape 7Netscape 7.x    
- Using Mozilla  (includes troubleshooting guide)
Go here if you have problems with or questions about using Mozilla software
- General
Answers to general questions about Mozilla and Mozilla software
- Installation
Answers to questions you might have before installing Mozilla
- Add-ons / Extensions
Want to make Mozilla even better? Learn more about extensions here.
mozillaFirefoxThunderbirdNetscape 7

mozillaFirefoxThunderbirdNetscape 7

mozillaFirefoxThunderbirdNetscape 7

mozillaFirefoxThunderbirdNetscape 7

- Install Mozilla
(explains how to install Mozilla step-by-step)

- Configure Mozilla (explains Mozilla's preferences)
- Set up a mail account
- about:config - Editing / Adding Preferences

 mozillaNetscape 7

 mozillaNetscape 7

  mozillaFirefoxNetscape 7
 mozillaFirefoxNetscape 7

- Configuring Mozilla for Privacy and Security
- Mozilla's Spam filter
- Managing Mail Accounts
- Firefox Bookmarks Tutorial
- Firefox Cookie Tutorial

Tutorials on other sites:
- Stopping Windows email viruses with Mozilla Mail
- Customizing Mozilla for a multi-user environment
- Getting Started with Thunderbird 1.0

 mozillaNetscape 7
 mozillaThunderbirdNetscape 7

Mozilla Links:
- Mozilla.org
- Mozilla.com - new home of Firefox and Thunderbird.
- Mozilla Update
- Mozillazine Forums
- MozillaZine Knowledge Base
- Seamonkey Help
- The Mozilla Manual

- more Mozilla help sites

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 Mozilla Security Information and Updates:
- Firefox 3.0.10 and Seamonkey 1.1.16 are available. They contain important fixes for the following security bugs.
For those who are using the Mozilla Suite, updating to the Seamonkey Suite is advisable, since the latter is far more up to date feature- and security-wise (there are no more updates for the Mozilla Suite).

Please get the latest versions of Firefox and Seamonkey at Mozilla.org.

Note: Besides important security fixes, newer versions usually also contain bug fixes to improve stability and reliability.